Porcelain White Booster

Fair & Spotless Skin in 30 mins

Baby Skin Booster

Ready for super hydrated "glass" skin look?

Nano White Eye Therapy

SWW Spa Awards 2017 Winner "Best Eye Illuminating Treatment"

Slim Twister

Transform into a curvier, sexier body

Men Skin Defense Booster

Get perfect, radiant & youthful skin

Aura Glow Booster

Combats all your skin imperfections with its patented contoured light technology

Advanced Youth Booster

Harper's Bazaar Spa Awards 2017 "Best Youth Boosting Facial"

Luminous Max Skin Booster

Elle Beauty Treat Treat 2017 Winner "Best Facial for Luminous Skin"

Dewy Glow Skin Booster

Her World Spa Awards 2017 Winner "Best Lunchtime Facial"

Be-Gone Acne Skin Booster

Defeat acne, oily skin, pimple marks and enlarged pores

Hair Regrowth Booster

Most effective hair treatment program specifically created for women and men.

Diamond White Teeth Booster

Whiten your teeth by up to 8 shades

Baby Doll Eyelash Regrowth Booster

Grow your eyelashes by 2mm to 3mm in one session

Unlimited Underarm Hair Removal

Hair-Free is Care-Free

BB Pearly White Foundation

Wake up to healthy, rosy, flawless skin every morning.