Every Bellezza Aesthetics staff is trained to provide a customised body treatment that is targeted at your
most immediate needs. Choose an existing treatment from our body menu below to invigorate and
detoxify the skin, tighten and soften the skin, using our state-of- the art techniques.

Silky Collagen Royal Hand

Do not neglect your hands as your hands show your age. This treatment comes with a hand massage and hot mask using plant placenta collagen. Plant placenta contains amino acids. They stimulate the skin’s natural turn-over
of cells and the synthesizing of collagen.

Suitable for:
Dry and ageing hands.

Smoother, fairer and less wrinkled looking hands

Milky scrub with milky wrap

Milk contains Vitamins A & D that helps to soften the skin. The lactic acid in milk has beta hydroxy acids that
also soothes while exfoliating your skin. Scrubbing improves circulation and lymphatic drainage. Body wraps
helps to expel toxins and fluids from the body.

Suitable for:
Rough, bloated, listless looking skin

Improves skin tone, clarifies and hydrates skin

Sugar scrub and sugar wrap

Bring your skin and your senses to life. This exfoliating treatment gently buff away aging skin cells, polish the skin
and stimulates skin renewal. Finished off with a body wrap to expel toxins and fluids from the body.

Suitable for:
Rough skin, uneven skin tone, wrinkled skin

Effectively rejuvenates your skin and leaves you silky & glowing inside and out.

Fairness Underarm Treatment

A safe and effective treatment for this sensitive part of the body, without causing any irritation. This treatment
produces quick brightening and skin lightening effects using state-of- the art equipment.

Suitable for:
Anybody seeking lighter and even skin tone or with dark underarm patches

Smoother, fairer and more even skin tone

Flawless Milky Peel (Chest / Full Back / Full Arm / Full Leg)

This treatment will bring you sexy back in no time. Milky Peel is derived from milk (Latic Acid) which works like
Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA). It gentle exfoliates your skin’s surface and help skin cell rejuvenation, thereby
stimulating the growth of collagen.

Suitable for:
Rough, imperfection, blemished skin

Firmer, smooth, brighter, flawless looking back

Flawless Chemical Peel (Chest / Full Back / Full Arm / Full Leg)

Chemical peels are great treatments that will significantly improve and smooth the texture of your skin by removing
the damaged outer layers of your skin. Chemical peel is derived from sugar cane (Glycolic acid). It is an
effective, safe and gentle treatment that requires no downtime.

Suitable for:
Oily, acnes, congested, scarring and enlarged pores skin.

Significantly improves appearance of your skin, reduce acne breakouts, smooth acne-prone skin.

Microdermabrasion (Chest / Full Back / Full Arm / Full Leg)

Microdermabrasion are used to improve the texture and quality of your skin. It polishes and deeply exfoliates
your skin, while also promoting lymphatic draining.

Suitable for:
Particularly good at tackling dull, dry or rough skin, treating acne and reducing superficial pigmentation

Skin will be brighter, smoother and softer to touch.

Skin Resurfacing (Chest / Full Back / Full Arm / Full Leg)

Detoxify and re-mineralise your dry, depleted skin with this naturally stimulating treatment. This treatment can have a wonderful effect on circulation and metabolism as it contains many minerals that are beneficial to the skin.

Suitable for:
Dry, rough and under-nourished skin

Achieve healthy, glowing and hydrated skin

Tripolar RF Body Slim Contour
(Arm / Abdominal / Hot / Cold Contouring Wrap)

Accelerates the production of collagen of your skin with this deep heating treatment that penetrates deep into the
skin layers. This is an excellent rejuvenation body slimming treatment that improves texture and skin elasticity.

Suitable for:
Skin with loss of elasticity, sagging skin, fine lines and wrinkles

Achieve firmer and younger body contour

RF Slimming

Lose unwanted inches and cellulites. This treatment helps to increase collagen production, dissolve fat and tighten
the skin. It is non-invasive and painless that yields great results without surgery.

Suitable for:
Skin with cellulite, sagging skin, stubborn fat deposits

Achieve a slimmer, firmer, smoother looking body contour